Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your kindergarten questions

I have already heard many questions from new kindergarten students.  Even though starting school is exciting, it makes us a little nervous, too.  Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked, and answers that will help you know how we do things at our school.

Do we get to play outside?
Of course we will!  We will go outside almost every day.  We only stay inside if it is rainy or too cold.  On really hot days we may go outside for a few minutes and enjoy activities in the shade, or we may choose to stay inside.  We love movement in our class, so get ready to hop, skip, jump, and run!  The teachers will ask that you wear ‘outside-appropriate’ shoes, like tennis shoes, every day so that you can safely participate in all of our activities with us.  Our outside area is fenced in so you don’t have to worry about the traffic around the school.  The district maintenance people put in new sidewalks, plants, and a brand-new fence for us this summer.

What if I get hungry in class?
We plan our kindergarten lunch times so hopefully you won’t get too hungry during the morning.  If you feel that you need something to help you get through the morning, let a teacher know.  We will have a few pretzels or animal crackers that you can munch on to get you through until lunch.

Can I play on the computer?Smartboard in a classroom
We have 3 computers and a SmartBoard in our room.  As we teach students how to log in and use the programs we have, the computers will become a part of workstations during our literacy time.  They will also be available at other times during the day and we will make sure that every child gets to use them.  You may not get to EVERY day, but you will get to!  You will also be able to work on the SmartBoard, which is like a huge computer screen that you can touch.  We will use this every day also.

Will I have homework like my older brother has?
You bet you will!  Our homework won’t be just like your older sibling, but we will have homework.  One piece of homework that we will have throughout the year is to read.  Reading – that is, having an adult read to a child, a child reading to an adult, or a child reading independently – is so important, we will ask you to do it every day.  Aside from that, you will occasionally have math or science homework, and some fun family projects to work on.

Where’s the bathroom and when can I use it?
Each kindergarten room in our school has a bathroom in the classroom.  In our room, our policy is that you may use the bathroom if it is not in use by someone else.  We’ll teach you a hand signal so you can let one of the teachers know you are heading to the bathroom.

What if I don’t make it to the bathroom and have an accident?
First of all, don’t be nervous about this.  It happens to most students at least once during kindergarten.  If it will help you be more comfortable, please keep a change of clothes in your backpack.  If you have an accident, you will be able to change into your dry clothes right away.  We also have a Family Resource Center right next to our classroom.  Mr. Bob has extra uniforms and underwear if you need to borrow them.  He also has a washer and dryer and can wash your regular clothes for you.


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