Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reading Strategy—Making Predictions

One reading strategy that we work on a lot at the beginning of the year is Making Predictions.  It is important to make predictions about what we are going to read so that we can get our minds ready for new learning.  Predictions are the link between prior knowledge and new information. 

When we predict what will happen or what characters might be in a story, we are setting up expectations for our reading and learning.

To practice this strategy, one of the books we read this week was Baaboom! 

Baabooom book

We looked at the cover of the book and named the characters, and then discussed the title (read with excitement because we see an exclamation point).  We made predictions about what might make the sound ‘baabooom’ and why it would do that.  We then looked at one of the pages in the book and checked or confirmed our original predictions and then predicted what would happen after that illustration.

Baabooom book page prediction

We then started to read the story.  We stopped part way through to discuss the events and make a prediction about how the story would end.  Check the pictures below to see our predictions.

At home, ask your child to retell the story and let you know if his or her prediction was correct.

When you are reading stories at home, before starting, ask your child to look at the cover.  Discuss the title and illustrations and have your child predict who the characters will be and what will happen in the story.

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