Monday, September 27, 2010

Scholastic Book Orders

image Each year we excitedly participate in Scholastic book orders.  Scholastic is an educational publishing company that has been around for about 90 years.  The company is focused on encouraging children to “learn to read and love to learn, helping teachers carry out their important jobs and supporting parents in their role as their child’s first teacher.”

Scholastic sells quality children’s literature at very reasonable prices.  Purchasing books through one of our Scholastic book orders or at the book fair, which is held during the fall festival in October and again in the spring, is a fun way to build a very affordable home library for your children.  Because most are paperback, many books cost less than $5.00, and some books are only $1.00.  In last month’s book order, a number of children purchased one of our classroom favorites, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, for only $1.00 and now they can read a familiar favorite at home every day.  Many of the books featured in each month’s packets are ones we have read in class or in the library, making the characters and storylines familiar to your children.

I currently send home Firefly and See-Saw book packets, which cover the age range from PreK to first grade.  Most students can read the Easy Reader books in these packets, and all stories are written with our students’ interests in mind.  In the spring, I will begin sending home Lucky packets instead of the Firefly ones, as student interests and abilities move to higher reading levels.

Along with picture books, the book orders you will receive throughout the year also sell inexpensive games and puzzles.  Sometimes there are computer software games or learning activities available also.  Club Leo, which will be sent home in October, is an order that provides Spanish-language materials. 





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