Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What We’re Reading – September

We unpack a new box of books for our classroom library each month.  On September 1, we found many books that fit our “All About Me” study – books about the 5 senses, our bodies, and families.  We also found many books about transportation and others about animals.    Introducing new books each month allows students time to get used to the classroom routines without being overwhelmed with the number of books we have, and it increases motivation as students look forward to the newest books to join our classroom.

Along with the books for the classroom library, we have been reading many books throughout the school day.  Below are a few of our favorites:

In celebration of Grandparent’s Day, we read Abuela by Arthur Dorros.  This is a bilingual story of a girl named Rosalba and her Spanish-speaking grandmother, (Abuela), who takes her places in the city. The story's illustrations use a rainbow of festive colors that suggest the colorful South American roots of Rosalba and her grandmother. Abuela is a literal and figurative flight of fancy into Rosalba's imagination, taking the reader into this young girl's favorite places in New York, including the Statue of Liberty. Abuela comes with an index of over 25 Spanish words and phrases, which has been motivational for the Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish-speaking students in our class.  The Spanish-speakers have enjoyed helping others learn some of the vocabulary in their language.


FIELD TRIP!!!  We are taking a field trip this month to see the play “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”  This will correspond to many of the literacy strategies we have been practicing, and we will use our knowledge of the story to talk about drama also.  Our favorite part of this story, and others by the same author, is that it is a circular story.  This story could keep going on forever as one thing leads to another in the adventures the mouse has.  By the end of the story, it’s almost like we are back at the beginning…




The Cat and the Monkey’s Tail is one of our new big books in our shared reading activities.  We read this book while working on the comprehension skill of predicting.  Throughout the book, we predicted what the monkey would have to do and who he would need to visit to get his tail back.  The Cat and the Monkey's TailWe learned that not every prediction is correct, and that it’s okay to be wrong in our predictions.  The most important part about making predictions in our reading is that we are thinking about the story and making logical guesses as to what will happen.  We now know what will to the monkey, but you will have to read this book yourself to find out!


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