Friday, November 26, 2010


We had a very short school week this week and we found LOTS of fun things to do.

We talked a lot about the first Thanksgiving and some foods that were found at that time.  One food we were interested to learn about was popcorn.

I read The Popcorn Book to the class and we did a number of activities related to it.


We focused on two learning goals: identifying main idea and details, and hearing and creating rhyming words.

Here are the rhymes we brainstormed:


We learned many things about popcorn as we read the book and we recorded that information, trying to determine what the main ideas and details of the book were:

Finally, we had a little popcorn fun.  Look at the album below to see what happened when we popped corn in the classroom.

Mrs. Hawley’s mother-in-law shared some small ears of corn that were different colors.  We popped them in the microwave and found that each ear popped white corn!

We also popped regular popcorn and some field corn.  We learned that field corn is not meant for popping—it burned and smelled bad!

We had lots of fun watching the popper with the cover off (we stayed back because it was a hot machine).  Popcorn flew everywhere!

Now, enjoy some popcorn at home!



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