Monday, November 1, 2010

What We’re Reading – November

The first of November brings new books to our classroom library.  Adding new books each month is exciting – it motivates students to look through the baskets (our books are organized by topic) to find all the new ones and reread some long-forgotten ones also.

Many of the new books we add in November are about Thanksgiving, but we also continue adding books to other baskets.  Our “All About Me” box received many new books, including a set of books about our five senses and a set of books about other body parts.

image   image   image

A new basket that we added this month was the dinosaur basket.  This one has been a favorite all week, and the new books are already showing signs of love.  These books are all non-fiction, as we have decided to place any of the fictional stories about any animals is a box called Animal Fiction. 

image   image   image

A few of the other new books we added are:

image   image   image


Let’s not forget the Thanksgiving books we are reading.  Here is a selection of our favorites from that basket.

Happy Learning!


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