Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What We’re Reading ~ December

We read so many books throughout the year that it’s impossible to show all of them.  We don’t do a specific “Christmas” study or even a “Christmas Around the World” study in our class.  Instead, we talk about cultures and many of the elements that make up a culture.  Look for more information about this in an upcoming post.  We have lots to share!

Our reading in December focuses on learning about many cultures, and many of the books we read relate to cultures that our classmates represent.

The first book carousel shows some of our favorite books that we read in school.  “The Legend of the Poinsettia” is a story we will hear when we visit Mrs. E’s room to hear about culture in Mexico. 

The second carousel shows books I think are fun.  You can look for any of these at your local library.  I want to point out the book “Humphrey’s First Christmas.”  Yes, this book is about the Nativity, but it is told from a camel’s perspective.  I LOVE the illustrations in that book.  My mother is a camel collector and I got her this book.  It proudly sits alongside camel statues and stuffed camels in her living room!

The third carousel shows some of my favorite holiday books from when I was little.  One of my favorite holiday reading memories is of reading “The Sweet Smell of Christmas.”  It is a scratch-and-sniff book.  The stickers on the pages really did smell like hot chocolate and peppermint. 




Happy Reading!


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