Friday, January 28, 2011

Reading Strategy—Sequencing

Sequencing events is another strategy that helps us make sense of and understand our reading.  We use this strategy along with retelling after we’ve read or listened to a story.

Here is some of our sequencing work.

This is our visual cue that reminds us what it means to sequence:

020311 School Photos 145

We made this poster to help tell others why it is important to sequence events:

020311 School Photos 147

We sequenced the events from the story Baabooom!

020311 School Photos 149

020311 School Photos 150

020311 School Photos 151

020311 School Photos 152

020311 School Photos 153


When we sequence events in a story, the story makes more sense to us.  The events are in a logical order.

At home, have your child retell the events of the day, making sure they are in the correct sequence.

Happy reading,


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