Friday, March 4, 2011

Dr. Seuss–My Many Colored Days

This week we celebrated Read Across America – a celebration that coincides with Dr. Suess’s birthday.  We read many of his books, including The Cat and the Hat, Dr. Seuss’ ABC, Green Eggs and Ham, and our favorite: My Many Colored Days.

We used the book My Many Colored Days to integrate some art lessons and we connected some new music knowledge the students had recently gained with Mrs. Hawkins.

First, we read the book where we learned about color and relative emotion.  We looked at the pictures, read the text, and discussed how colors are important in our lives and how they can reflect the way we feel.  We talked about how we can use color in our own writing and illustrating to share emotion like we saw in this book.

After this, I introduced the video that corresponds to the book.

I shared information about the story, including how the Minnesota Orchestra combined their music with narration and animation to create the video.  We watched and listened to the story and then compared and contrasted the video with the book we’d read.  There were lots of similarities and there were lots of differences.  The students especially liked the computer animation in the video.

We talked about how the music changed as the colors and emotions changed in the book.  Some colors and emotions evoked slower and calm or sad music and some colors evoked faster and very happy or mad music.  Students had lots of fun dancing and moving as the emotions changed throughout the book.

To connect their learning in Mrs. Hawkins’ room, we also discussed the orchestra’s instruments.  We noted which types of instruments we could hear at different points in the video and how they helped share the given emotions and activity of the animated character.

Of course, at the end of all this, we had to make our own class book, so look at the pictures below to see how we connected color, beat, instruments, and emotions.

After that, have a discussion with your child about the emotions and colors you are feeling today.


Happy Reading!


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