Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Website Wednesday–BrainPopJr

BrainPopJr. is a website we use very often throughout the year.  The characters are the same in every section, so the students know them well.  While some parts of this site are subscription-only, there are many free things you and your child can do here.
Brain Pop Jr

In the screen shot above, I placed 4 red arrows to highlight areas you and your child will especially want to look at.  Those areas are Big Word Wall where you can learn and practice vocabulary, Games, where you can find games related to content area topics, Free Stuff where you can find links to whole ‘units’ –this section will give you an idea of some of the interconnected activities we do in class when we are using some of the subscription services, and Games where you can do puzzles and play other games related to many content area themes.
Parents will also be interested in checking out the Grown Ups Guide to find out more information about this website.
Happy Learning,