Monday, May 23, 2011

Writers in Action

In the next few days, your child will bring home his or her writer’s notebook(s) from this school year.  We’ve recently been reviewing all the stories we’ve written and have been reflecting on our growth as writers.  As we’ve looked through the pages of these notebooks, students have been amazed at how much they’ve grown this year.  They notice that the quality and quantity of their independent writing has gotten better, as has their handwriting skills.

When your child brings home these notebooks, take some time to sit down and look through them with your child.  Just like we did in class, reflect on your child’s work and growth this year.  Ask your child to read some of the stories to you.

If there is space at the end of the notebooks, your child is free to continue writing stories.  This would be a good place to start a summer vacation journal and record some of the activities you participate in during the weeks away from school.

Remember that just like with reading, continuing to practice writing on a frequent basis will help your child be ready to jump back into schoolwork when we resume in the fall.

Here are some photos of student writers in action this school year.

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020311 School Photos 115       020311 School Photos 116

020311 School Photos 117       020311 School Photos 118

020311 School Photos 119       020311 School Photos 120

020311 School Photos 121       P3080040

P3080041       P3080042

P3080043       P3080044

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