Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Fun Friday–Visit the Library

In my free time, I read a blog called Momotics.  It’s author, Danielle Elwood, has a lot of great information about parenting, children, and many other ‘life topics.’  One feature that she has just introduced on her blog is called Two Free Things Tuesday.  I’ve emailed with her, and I will be taking some of her ideas to add to our Family Fun Friday section as she also has great ideas for family togetherness activities.

Today I am linking to her first TFTT post.  One of her ideas this week is to visit the library for story time.  I have also pasted her comments directly into this post in case the link doesn’t work for you.

Story Time at the Library – While I know not all of my readers will have this option because of where they live, I know a huge portion of you out there do have great local libraries with awesome programs for kids. I know the library I have in my neighborhood is chock full of programs for the kids, and kids of all ages.
The best part is you can go even if the weather is crappy outside because if is an indoor activity!
Some libraries even go above and beyond story time with the programs that they offer, so while you are there, check out the other resources available for your kids!

To help you find events close to you, visit the Louisville Free Public Library website.  I have linked to their children’s events here.  At the top of this page, you can click on “Events by Location” to find events specific to the library branch nearest you.


While at the library, make sure to check out some of the books in the children’s section.  Reading with your child throughout the summer, in the evenings, and on weekends, will help her keep up the literacy skills necessary for continued learning in first grade—and it’s fun!

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