Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Fun Friday–Waterfront Park

Are you enjoying the summer weather?
Don’t forget about the fun you can have a Waterfront Park this summer. 
While we didn’t get to play at the park during the school year, we did get to see the Belle of Louisville when we were on a field trip in the fall.
There are many other things to do at and around Waterfront Park, including playing at the playground, in the water area, and attending Waterfront Wednesday, one of the many FREE activities there.
Waterfront Park examiner has this to say about the park: Waterfront Park offers many child friendly events throughout the year. In the summer, the splash area is a great way for kids to beat the heat! There are many picnic areas on the park’s 85 acres! The park has several playgrounds and play areas for children. The view overlooking the Ohio River is spectacular!
Waterfront Park has lovely, scenic trails for walking. All along the path there are inviting swinging benches to take a break and enjoy the park’s splendor! Waterfront Park hosts a wealth of free events yearly. Take advantage of all of the freebies this park has to offer families and children today!

Have fun playing outside,


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