Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Website Wednesday–Sight Words With Samson

This week I have a sight word web site for you.  This is not one we have played with in class yet, so it will be new to your child.

During summer vacation, be sure to visit Sight Words With Samson for extra practice reading and writing sight words.

Sight Words With Sampson

On this site, you can play with sight words in a number of ways, including listening to Samson say a word and then finding that word on the page, and spelling a word that Samson says.

There are a few other ways to play with words, and each type of game has multiple word levels for increasing difficulty in reading and spelling words.  Each level also has multiple word lists to practice with.

Sight Words With Sampson Spell  Sight Words With Sampson Listen and Find

This is the last Website Wednesday I will post for the school year.  Come back in the fall to find more fun sites that you can play at home!

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