Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Fun Fridays

Last spring, I started a series of posts entitled Family Fun Fridays.

Each post describes something you can do with your family, either at home or in/around Louisville.

I will continue this series during the school year and I will share information about free or inexpensive activities you can do with your child.  Some of these activities may tie in to current school activities and some will simply be family-friendly.

The series is titled Family Fun Fridays because I will post these ideas on Friday.  This way you will always know when the ideas will be shared.  However, these activities are not just for Fridays.  You can engage in most of them any day of the week, although some of the community-sponsored events I highlight will have specific dates.  If the activity is a community one, I will list as much information as I know about the event, including locations, prices, and contact information.  I will also often have a link to another website that will give additional details or ideas for your family fun time.

You can see all of the posts for Family Fun Fridays by clicking here.

Look for the first Family Fun Friday activity next week!


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