Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Hello everybody!  Are you as excited for kindergarten as I am?  I hope so!
We will start school in just two weeks, and there are many things you can do to be ready to make new friends and learn a lot as we start school.
* Please label your backpack with your first and last name, address, phone number.  This will help us in many ways.  Some students have the same backpacks and we want to quickly know whose is whose.  It will also help if your child gets lost or is very shy – we will be able to see his or her name and quickly help him or her get to the right class or bus line.
* Practice saying your first and last name together so you can introduce yourself.  Now, can you write your name?  If not, please start practicing.  You will be writing your name on lots of things during the school year.
* Do you know your phone number?  This will be homework during the year.
* Do your parents know your transportation arrangements and/or bus information?  Make sure you know how you will get to and from school before the first day.
* Do you have your kindergarten supplies?  Gather your supplies so you can bring them during the first week of school.  All these supplies will help us do LOTS of learning activities in class.

10-glue sticks
2-composition notebooks
4-plain two pocket folders
2-boxes-24 count crayons
1 pkg. of 8 markers
*  Talk with your family about things that will happen at school this year.  Some of the things we will do are: eat lunch in the cafeteria, work in the library and computer lab, write stories, run/skip/hop outside, work in groups, sing songs, and MANY other things.  Look at older posts on this blog to see and read about things that last year’s students did.
* Start a bedtime routine – children need rest each night to be ready to work, share, and learn in class.  A bedtime routine will help children get to sleep easier and sleep better at night.
* Practice reading and writing your letters and numbers.  Do you know all the capital and all the lowercase letters yet?  Can you read and write numbers 0-10?  What about 0-20?  If you don’t know this yet, practice at home.  We will also practice in class.  Each of these skills is very important for beginning to read and do math work throughout kindergarten.
I can’t wait to start the school year and work with each of you!


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