Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Fun Friday - Obstacle Course

Hello everyone!

Before the weather turns cold, I have some fun outdoor ideas for you.  I got these ideas from Disney's Family Fun web site.

My favorite idea is to have an obstacle course.  The linked article shows to create one outdoors, but if you are careful, you can do an obstacle course inside, too.  You might need to change some of the activities to fit your space if you choose to do this indoors.

I love spending time outside, so this is a great activity for my family!

All-Around-the-Yard Obstacle Course
Picture Source:

If you don't have a yard to create an obstacle course, head for one of the many parks around town.  You can take a picnic and spend the afternoon playing and enjoying the fresh air.

Here is the link to the obstacle course.  While on that site, look around at all the other fun outdoor activities they have.

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