Friday, September 9, 2011

The Week in Review–September 9


Dear families,

Your children are working so hard in kindergarten!  Here are some photos from the week so you can see what we’ve been up to.


In math, we read the book Ten Apples Up On Top.  We then practiced writing numbers, counting objects, and matching the number of objects to the numeral on our paper.


In science, we have been talking about living and non-living things, in preparation for learning about animals.  The first animals we learned about were goldfish.  We know that goldfish need water, food, a habitat (aquarium), and air to live.  We are also talking about the body structure of goldfish.  We know they have fins, a tail, gills, and eyes, and we are working on labeling a diagram of the goldfish parts.


Part of our Daily 5 work involved Read to Someone.  We talked about student expectations during this time.  Our favorite part of Read to Someone is making sure we are EEKKing – that means sitting “Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee.”  We also worked on our independent writing.  We practiced writing a story and using color words to add detail.


Here is our morning message from Friday, September 9.


Here is our morning message from Thursday, September 8.


Here is our morning message from Wednesday, September 7.


Here is our morning message from Tuesday, September 6.


In science and social studies, we’ve also been talking about our five senses.  We use our five senses to observe many things about the world around us.  We love using our senses during fresh fruit or vegetable time as we learn about the foods we are tasting.


Students in action – reading with their friends.


Going outside for PE time is a favorite.  We’ve been working on kicking a stationary ball.  We see how hard and far we can kick it.  Chasing after the ball to bring it back for the next person is as much fun as kicking!


More photos of students in action – working on their literacy skills.

It’s been a great week.  Enjoy your weekend!


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